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Eur.Champion Frl. Antje
born 19-04-04
Parents: Prima & Bubbas

HCM normal PKD negative
Scanned by Dr. J.G. Kresken
at the age of 3 years
GSD4 free

Every two years she is scanned for HCM and until now (almost 12 years!) She is still HCM clear!


2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

7 weeks

8 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks

12 weeks

6 months

Almost 2 years old and 6kg fertile female!!!!
Thank you sooo much Martina for these wonderfull pictures!!!
She looks just marvallous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile she is proud mother of two wonderful big litters (7 kids each time!)
And stil in good enough condition of becomming Euro Champion!!!
We are sooo very proud of her!!!
Thanks a lot, Martina for taking such good care of her!!!!!!!

Almost 12 years old
Pictures taken by Rebekka Kettiger -Gamma - THANKS!!!

She lives now in Germany at cattery Mimir's

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