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Bill Weasley
born 18-10-07
Parents: Bumsan & Arthur weasley

13 weeks
weight: 1715gr
second day in his new home

15 weeks

With his new friend Amy - he looks like he´s saying "She´s MINE!" ;o)

But Amy is also his daddy´s girlfriend!
Here you see Arthur Weasley, recognizing his son in strange surroundings!
Amy and Bill live not far away from us, but Amy didn´t like to travel.
And so everytime her heat was over when she got to our place.
So we decided to try and take Arthur Weasley for a visit ;o)
Oh how proud i am about my very special boy!!!!
He behaved like a real gentleman ;o)
His temper is just soooo wonderful!
And he came home again as if nothing at all had happend!
So easy going and sweet!!!
Now we´ll just have to wait and see if his "one night stand"
was enough to bring some nice kids ;o)

16 weeks
weight: 2200gr

With his new friend Bijou - she adopted him ;o)

Almost 18 weeks
weight: 2512gr


Almost 19 weeks
weight: 2727gr

22 weeks
weight: 3100gr
nice big paws and body!!!

23 weeks
weight: 3400gr
Look!!! He got two halfbrothers!!!
(from his fathers "one night stand" ;o)

He´s taking good care of mother and babys!!!!
We are sooo proud of him!

24 weeks
weight: 3500gr
Still taking good care of the cute babies!!!

25 weeks

28 weeks
weight: 4200gr

Still taking good care of his halfbrothers!!!


One big happy family :o)))))

7 months
weight 4,7kg

He is such a sweet big brother!!!!

At the cat show
Bill Weasley & Arthur Weasley waiting together in the nomination panel.
Arthur Weasley recognized his son...
A big THANKS to Tom & Diana for these very special pictures!!!

9 months
weight 5,2kg

1,5 years

He lives now at cattery Von Havajon

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