born 22-02-06
Parents: Vicky & Arthur Weasley

15 weeks
weight 2050gr

4,5 months
weight 2710gr

rumbling with his boss....

...but also beeing much to proud....

...and also loving his boss desperatly...

5 months

just turned 6 months
weight somewhere between 4 and 4,5 kg


8 months

With his friend Megje

10 - 11 months
weight 6,5 kg

14 - 15 months


Almost 2 years
weight 8kg!!!

Cosy with his friend Megje ;o)))))

Now that is a good kitchen hahaha - also a lot of coat ;o)

A big thanks for the nice pictures!!!
He looks just great!!!!!
And he looks sooo much like his grandpa Bubbas!

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