Kittens born:

proud parents:

S*Istindra´s Raven (Alias: Bumsan)
Memphis fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
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More info? Klick here

This Litter is GSD4 free!

red-silver tabby sp/white
blue smoke/white
Katten Janson
black smoke/white
black tabby mc/white
black/white (medallion)
In heaven
Explanation to status:
For Sale: The kitten is searching for a good home
Option: Some interest is shown, but nothing is final!
Booked: The booking deposite is payed and the contract is signd
Sold: The cat is fully payed

This time we chose "Bamse" as theme for the litter,
because Bumsan´s daddy is called Bamse...
In Sweden you can buy comics about "Bamse-the world's strongest bear".
When Bamse eats granny´s magical power honey,
he becomes the strongest bear in the world.
He is also the sweetest bear in the world, ready to help whenever it´s needed.
For 40 years, he and his friends have taken the readers on all sorts of adventures.
Bamse had his debut in the swedich weekly "Allers" in 1966.
In 1973 he got his own magazine and it is now one of the best selling comics in Sweden.

Bamse has a friend named Skalman (the turtle).
Skalman has got a rather fancy clock, called the eat and sleep clock,
which whenever it rings tells Skalman to either take a nap, or to get something to eat.
In the case when Skalman takes a nap,
the clock does not control when he wakes up again...
He always seems to have the answer (or invention) for every occasion
and always remains "cool" ;o)

Katten Janson is the cat of Bamse´s grandma, who doesn´t want to catch mice ;o)

Smocke is a thief - and considering that our Smykke is also a thief,
i thought this name might fit wel to a Smykkeskrin ;o)

Vargen is a black wolf, who claims to be a born worlchampion in "meenness"
but he can try to be meen as much as he wants to,
he still remains the nicest wolf you can imagine ;o)