Ch + Premior Hägar
born 22-02-06
Parents: Vicky & Arthur Weasley

13 weeks
weight 1850gr
The first days in his new home

"Help!!! I'm drowning!'

14 weeks
weight 2250gr

it's very warm outside...

...and this needs no words ;o)

15 weeks
"helping" to do the dishes ;o)

16 weeks
weight 2450gr

Look at his coat! He already is already developing the typical Norwegian Forestcat guard-hair!
You can see that in the nice, shiny tipping in his coat.
He already lost all his kitten coat, that's very much promising and i just love it!
Because our breeding goal is to keep in the "real" Norwegian Forestcat coat.

With his friend Spok

His profile is stil just super!

A flattened cat ;o)

4,5 months
weight 3000gr

Giving headbangs to the camera ;o)

5 months
weight 3574gr

7,5 months
With his new friend Tiwaz fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

exactly 8 months

With his friend Itzenca

A few days later his coat is growing very fast now!
His weight is somewhere above 5kg

With his friend Tiwaz fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

With his friend Garfield

"OKEY! I surrender!"

9 months

10 months ;o))))))

1 year and 1 month
weight 5,6 kg

1 year and 2 months

In the new climbing tree with TiwaZ

14 months

Most features he´s got from his mom - but this enjoying lion-look comes from his daddy ;o)

Stil this great Profile and chin! And his nose is superstraight,
also when you feel over it!

Wonderful expression... Now we only need the coat to come,
he´s just been neutered, so i´m curious what he will look like in the next winter.



with TiwaZ

1 year & 5 months with his new friend Aymara

1 year & 7 months

with TiwaZ

1 year & 8 months

Hahahaha this needs no words ;o)

1 year & 11 months
weight 7,8 kg
welcoming Madam Hooch fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

2 years & 5 months

Hahahaha GREAT picture!!!!

2 years & 7 months


2 years & 8 months
welcoming Sygin fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

The cats of Katan ;o)

2 years & 11 months


3 years & 7 months

5 years & 4 months

A big thanks for the nice pictures!!!

His Babyphotos