born 07-08-10
Parents: Tinka & Arthur Weasley

16 weeks

With her new friend Sjors

4,5 months

5 months

9 months


Sjors 11 years
Due curcumstances SJors came to us as a very difficult cat towards male cats.
Kittens and females he loved...
He had lived with us for 1,5 years until we finally found the right adress for him.
There he lived 5 more wonderful years with Louwrens and Inca until he died from cancer at the age of 16 years. He was very a very special boy!!!

Inca 2 years old

As Sjors had died she needed a new compagnion - here she is:
Gina - sister of our Maya :)

Gina and 3 years old Inca

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