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Luna Lovegood
born 21-06-07
Parents: Xaphiera & Ron Weasley

14 weeks


Does she do anything else then eating??? hahahaha
Yes, Ivonne told me - she´s running like a tornado after all the other cats ;o)

In Destiny, she found a new mother...

And Flöckchen also became her very good friend

16 weeks


Almost 18 weeks
weight: 2220gr

22 weeks
weight: 2600gr
She has so much in her eyes from her grandma Prima!

Just turned 6 months

Still these wonderful eyes...

6,5 months
weight 3100gr

She plays the babysitter for her friends (Destiny) kittens!

Because she did such a good job, Destiny starts a bog wellness programm for her ;o)

Afterwards looking very "washed" and relaxed ;o))))

just turned 9 months

very nice tale! And still those wonderful ears and eyes!

She lives now at cattery: Waldwichtel´s

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