1 week

creme tabby mc
(e 23)
Weight 204gr


He is going to get very nice tufts on his ear

black tortie tabby mc & white
(f 09 23)
Birthweight 214gr

She also gets the tufts

Se has nice ears and a great head shape
but most of all i like her special colour settings!

black tortie tabby mc
(f 23)
Birthweight 214gr

Beau is helping to take the pictures...

She' going to get a very nice real NFO head shape
and also tufts on the ear
A very rare and good looking colour setting!

blue tortie tabby mc& white
(g 09 23)
Birthweight 229gr

Every one is totally in love with her :-)

Wonderful girl!

black tabby mc & white
(n 09 23)
Birthweight 221gr

He looks like his father in head type

Very nice boy and very easy going already!

Beau and Bugatti are helping to take the pictures....