5 weeks

creme tabby mc
(e 23)
Weight 630gr

He is very smart and more of a thinker. He likes to play, but he has other interests
like watching TV while sitting on my lap...

black tortie tabby mc & white
(f 09 23)
Weight 649gr

She is the first to walk around in the house!
Suddenly she was sitting at my feet! Tooo fast, but sweeet!

She has nice ears and a great head shape
but most of all i like her special colour settings!

black tortie tabby mc
(f 23)
Weight 678gr

She already purrs when you pick her up...
She even jumps at my arm to get attention (or food?)

She looks a bit like a lynx!

She' going to get a very nice real NFO head shape
and also tufts on the ear
A very rare and good looking colour setting!

blue tortie tabby mc& white
(g 09 23)
Weight 653gr

Like Kassandra and Flip, she already has enormous tufts on her ears!

She is very sweet and calm in temper, just like Flip she likes to watch TV :-)

Beatrice & Willi

black tabby mc & white
(n 09 23)
Weight 642gr

A very funny clown with lot's of nonsens on his mind, a bit like his grandma Snoesje

He looks like his father in head type

Willi & Beatrice

Two top models ;-)

Some pictures together...
Beatrice & Flip

Flip & Kassandra

Flip & Maja

Kassandra & Maja & Flip

Maja & Kassandra & Flip

Maja & Flip

Kassandra & Maja & Flip

Kassandra & Beatrice & Maja & Flip