8 weeks

creme tabby mc
(e 23)
Weight 950gr

Look at the XXL tufts on his ears - GREAT!

black tortie tabby mc & white
(f 09 23)
Weight 1008gr

She is the first to sit all the way up in the scraper...

Wonderful wild-look

She has nice ears and a great head shape
but most of all i like her special colour settings!

black tortie tabby mc
(f 23)
Weight 1055gr

A very agile purr-ball :-)

She has so much of her great grandma Prima!

She' going to get a very nice real NFO head shape
and also tufts on the ear
A very rare and good looking colour setting!

blue tortie tabby mc& white
(g 09 23)
Weight 1013gr

Sweet princess

black tabby mc & white
(n 09 23)
Weight 1025gr

A very funny clown with lot's of nonsens on his mind, a bit like his grandma Snoesje

Some action pictures....

Flip & Maja & Willi

Maja & Kassandra

Willi & Beatrice

Willi & Kassandra