First pictures

creme tabby mc
(e 23)
Birthweight 125gr

Searching for milk in my hand

He is really cute and beautyful

black tortie tabby mc & white
(f 09 23)
Birthweight 114gr

Oh soooo cute!!!

Hahaha some how this picture makes me laugh :-)

Together with Lilly, who is really curious about the new little ones

black tortie tabby mc
(f 23)
Birthweight 108gr

All these kids have absolute straight noses, but she also has an amazingly strong chin
Wonderful profile!


She has a high amount of red, maybe that's the reason why she screams so much louder than the rest?

blue tortie tabby mc& white
(g 09 23)
Birthweight 122gr

Just like her sister an amazing profile!

Oh how can such a small thing be soooo sweeeet already?!

black tabby mc & white
(n 09 23)
Birthweight 109gr

He looks like his father in head type

Very nice boy and very easy going already!