Neville Longbottom
born 21-06-07
Parents: Xaphiera & Ron Weasley

15 weeks

With his new friends Domino & Karl

Having fun with Domino ;o)

16 weeks
weight: 2530gr

With Domino

19 weeks
weight: 3040gr

His nice smoke is getting more clear already!

Cosy with Karl

Still those nice big tufts on his ears :o))))))

20 weeks
weight: 3330gr (with full stomache ;o)

With Domino & Coya
Surrendering ;o)

Karl & Domino & Neville

22 weeks

25 weeks
weight: 3870gr


Almost 27 weeks
weight: 4070gr

These pictures speak for themselves ;o))))))))

7 months
With Pomona Sprout fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

8 months
weight: 4850gr

Cuddlebear ;o)

Hunting with Pomona ;o))))))))

With Karl & Pomona :o)))

Almost 9 months
weight: 5030gr

with his new friend Andrassy


11 months
weight: 5290gr

With Karl & Andrassy

1 year & 4 months

1 year & 5 months


1 year & 9 months
On this cat show i saw him again (this time i was just a visitor ;o)
He cuddled with me just like his uncle Arthur Weasley always does!!!
He has his mothers body and he look just wonderful!!!
It was great to see him again!!!

2 years & 2 months in his summercoat

2 years & 6 months

He lives now at cattery 9 levens

His Babyphotos