Kittens born 25-08-12

5 weeks

black silver tortie tabby mc/white
(fs 03 23)
weight 663gr

A very brave girl!

She's going to look like this in colour:

creme silver tabby mc/white
(es 03 23)
weight 680gr

Heavy, lazy sweet boy



black silver tabby mc/white
(ns 03 23)
weight 649gr

This is a very funny and brave cuty!

Easy to get on the picture

black silver tabby mc/white
(ns 09 23)
weight 741gr!!!

She has gotten so curious that she runs around everywhere!!!

Some group pictures
Bubba & Vicktor

Bubba & Vinny

Icarus & Vicktor
Sweet and beautyful Icarus is guarding the kids outside...

Bubba & Vinny & Vicktor

Vicktor hunting Mathilde's tail...

And Atlas' tail is also a very nice toy ;-)

Vicktor & Bubba

Vinny & Bubba & Vicky

Vinny & Bubba