Kittens born 25-08-12

3 weeks

black silver tortie tabby mc/white
(fs 03 23)
weight 472gr

She is the best model!
Sooo sweeet! She already reacts to my voice very good!

She's going to look like this in colour:

creme silver tabby mc/white
(es 03 23)
weight 505gr!!!

Heavy, lazy sweet boy

black silver tabby mc/white
(ns 03 23)
weight 462gr

Like the rest he's starting to open his eyes and can't wait to finally beeing able to see...

Just as proud as his mom :-)

black silver tabby mc/white
(ns 09 23)
weight 475gr!!!

She hates to get on the picture and she hates beeing outside in the wind...
It was not light enough inside...
But we did it!!! Here she is!

Some group pictures
Vicky & 5 weeks older Antares

Trying to help me with the picture session...

Droezel & Vicky

Bugatti is taking care of Bubba & Vinny

Vicktoria & Vincent
The professionals ;-)