Kittens born 25-08-12

6 weeks

black silver tortie tabby mc/white
(fs 03 23)
weight 721gr

She is sooo cute!!

She has not only her fathers white tailtip,
but also his very lovely and funny charakter!

She's going to look like this in colour:

creme silver tabby mc/white
(es 03 23)
weight 870gr

Heavy, sweet boy, always around!


black silver tabby mc/white
(ns 03 23)
weight 798gr

I can also say cheeeeeeeeeee....


black silver tabby mc/white
(ns 09 23)
weight 804gr!!!

She has gotten so curious that she runs around everywhere!!!



Some group pictures
Droezel & Bubba practising to say cheeease ;-)

Bubba "helping" to take the pictures...

Bubba & Droezel

Bubba & Vinny....

Dolly Doolittle & Vinny

1 week younger Snoes & Vicky

1 week younger Snoes, catching Vinny's tail to disturb the posing - without succes haha

Vicky & Bubba & Droezel

Vicky & Droezel

Mommy & Vinny & Bubba

Ella & Vinny