Kittens born 25-08-12

first pictures

blue silver tabby mc/white
(as 03 23)
Birthweight 129gr

And Venus was her name...

She wasn't even two days old when we found her lying on the ice cold cellar floor all alone.
Tyra and Tinka were dragging around with Nikita's kids...
Venus must have been lying there for ours and she was totally cold. Her belly was suddenly blown with gas/air like a balloon!
We took her to her mom and Tyra helpet to warm her up again. The tough litle girl was drinking immediately and we thought she would be all right. But the next morning her belly was still full and stiff with air. Her breathing started to get flat and we called the vet.
An x-ray was taken without a diagnose. Her anus was okey and she was able to poop, so that could have been no reason for the gas.
I had the wish to just release the gas from her belly like with a balloon! She also had a strange smell about her... We tryed metoclopramide, but the little baby got worse and worse. She got a hard time and we decided to release her from the pain. She was so sweet and beautyful...
We are sooooo sad and waiting for the section rapport desperately now.
The rest of the litter is doing just great. Vincent for example is already weighting 191gr! (27-08-12)
Rest in peace sweet little beautyfull baby girl.
She left pawprints on our hearts....

My vet called to rapport why our sweet little baby had to die:
Her blood was not able to coagulate, so her whole chest was full of blood.
It was a born defect.

black silver tortie tabby mc/white
(fs 03 23)
Birthweight 124gr


creme silver tabby mc/white
(es 03 23)
Birthweight 139gr

black silver tabby mc/white
(ns 03 23)
Birthweight 125gr

black silver tabby mc/white
(ns 09 23)
Birthweight 148gr!!!

The older kittens are giving the newborns a warm welcome...
4 weeks older Mathilde with Vinny, Bubba & Venus

Vinny with 6 weeks older Athena, Momy Nikita and 5 weeks older Mathilde with Venus

Vinny with 6 weeks older Athena

Droezel with 6 weeks older Athena