Our trip to Norway 6-7-2013 till 9-7-2013
Were we got our two real norwegian forestcat kittens without a pedigree background,
Tom Dooley & Smyril Norske Smykke

The kennel is ready for them :-)

Denmark on our way to Norway


Hirtshals Denmark depart with the boat at 23:30 PM
You need to be there 2 our before departure

It was beautyful...

This is how Smyril got his name ;-)


The entrance of the boat

We arrived in Kristiansand Norway at 2:45 AM
It was only dark for a few minutes! Than it started to get light again...

We were far to exited about the landscape and we had slept a bit on the boat. So we decided to drive on...

And we also saw some REAL norwegian forestcats, just running around there...
Unfortunately they ran away as soon as they saw us! We still could get a good look, but no deacant picture

This one saw us and marked his territory at once hahaha

Knut Olav had found us and offered us some coffee and breakfast!
Thank you so much! We will never forget your wonderful stories about the norsk skogkatt!

And after that we got to meet our boys!