born 22-02-06
Parents: Vicky & Arthur Weasley

13 weeks
The first day in his new home - on the dogs blanket
weight 1780gr

14 weeks
weight 2080gr

Isn't he too young to smoke? ;o)

15 weeks
weight 2300gr

Getting to know the fishes... strainge animals...

4,5 months
weight 2690gr

Tha't a good idea for weighting cats on the scale!!!
They usually like to sit in a bucket

Almost 5 months

5 months
weight 3260gr

6 months

Killing the Swiffer ;o))))))

6,5 months
weight 4105gr

Petting the fishes ;o)

7 months

What a handsome guy! "Humphrey Bogart" Charmes....

7,5 months



8 months


Caught himself a big prey? ;o)

Or maybe this is more fun??? ;o)

Hahahaha hiding in the dogs blanket ;o))))

9 months
passed the 6 kg!

Merry Christmas???? ;oP

11 months

With little Zoë ;o)

His first snow - almost 1 year old

1 year old - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

1 year and 1 month

With his friend Linn

1 year and 2 months
With his friend Moon

Searching a frog ;o)

Great picture!!!!

Oh what a nice look!

He has the wonderful look in his eyes from his grandpa Bubbas

In the closed ;o)

Again with little Zoë, he likes her a lot :o))))))

"I surrender" ;o)

Helping??? Hahahaha

And he fell into it ;o)))))

16 months
Weight: 7,5kg!!!!
Maybe from the typical Smykkeskrin-steeling ;o))))
This whole litter has a very heavy boning and lots of muscles - they are really not fat!!!

Zoë doesn´t mind at all, sharing her meal with him - she likes him a lot!

Trying to steal her sock hahahaha
his mother Vicky is also stealing socks, to hide them in the garden ;o)

1 year and 5 months

With his friend Moon

1 year and 6 months - now this is a real Smykkeskrin ;oP

He has a new mate - may i introduce: Indy

1 year and 7 months

1 year and 8 months
Hahahaha great pictures ;o)))))))

Waiting for Zoë to come :o)

1 year and 9 months

With his friend Linn

1 year and 11 months

The prince on the throne ;o)


Found himself a nice pillow ;o)

Lazy with his friend Moon

Followed every where by his best friend Zoë ;o)

just turned 2 years

with his friend Linus

with his friend Indy

with his friend Asa

2 years & 2 months
With his friend Linn

This needs no more words...

2 years & 4 months
With his friend Indy

With his friends in the great new cat tree ;o)

2 years & 6 months

"Grandma! Olle took my chair!!!"

2 years & 7 months
weight: 8kg

Wonderful pictures....


Save the best picture for last ;o)

2 years & 8 months

2 years & 9 months

2 years & 10 months

Cat in the bag ;o)

he opens the closet ;o))))


They were kissing, but the camera wasn´t quick enough...

3 years & 2 months

Ready? - JUMP!

3 years & 4 months

3 years & 5 months
With his new friend Lasse

3 years & 7 months

3 years & 9 months

His 4th birthday

4 years & 6 months
Something very interesting in the garden...

Thanks a lot for all the nice and funny pictures!!!
He looks very happy and spoiled :o))))))))))))))))

5 years & 4 months

with his new friend Yeti

7 years

Oh my! Zoë has grown! Olle is still totally crazy about her and loves to be brushed by her <3

"Well go on then!"

"My back also, please"

Thank you so much!!!

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