Peter Pan
(he's now called Balou)
born 25-07-04
Parents: Tinkerbell & Bubbas

21 weeks

23 weeks
with his friend Athos

1,5 years
with his friend Iwan (on the left)

Our little teddybear died on June the 16th 2006.
We are so very sad about this!
Especially when you know that it was the vets faults that he had to fight and struggle for such a long time!
He got corticosteroids from the vets, when he was only 14 weeks old!!!!
He just had diarrhoea from moving to his new home... And the vets give such a strong medication to him...
Poor little baby...
Ever since it must have been ups and downs with him and he went through lots of surgeries (bioptions) and tests,
without any real results (they claimed he has a food intolerance...) later on they claimed that he had cancer in his intestines?! So what was it????
He got many different kinds of antibiotics, corticosteroids and everything you can imagine to destroy the intestines, all through 1,5 years...
The cat owners wallet and heart are empty, but the vets wallet is filled...
It's a wonder that he survived all this torture through more than 1,5 years!
Of course you rather listen to a vet than to a breeder, but in many cases the breeder has more practical experience...
Note: The cat owner did everything what the vet said was best for the cat!
And they spent a lot of money by doing so!
I'm really feeling with them, because i know they loved him very much and they miss him like hell.
But i'm very angry with those vets! My little baby could still live right now!
I often hear such stories around me!
Especially when it comes to the big veterinary clinics!

Another example:
Our little Mini Bubbas got diarrhoea from the moving.
The new owner went to the vet, followed his advice and the kitten got better.
But a few months later turns out that he didn't even get better - he didn't gain enough weight.
Back to the vet, who claimed the cat to be totally healthy!
After i said that it was impossible, because of his low weight, they went to the faculty clinic..
The vets there wanted to keep him there, but promised that the cat would be dead within a week!!!!!!
The owner called me crying and i said: "please bring my baby back at once!"
They did so and they got him back a few weeks later - totally healthy!
Now he's 1,5 years old, proud father and a big, strong handsome boy!
You can see pictures here

We had almost the same with our Arthur Weasley:
He left us at the age of 13 weeks and we took him back 8 weeks later, with strongly damaged intestines!
The same story here - the vets gave him lots of medication, tests and a bioption!
When they wanted to give him corticosteroids we decided that it's best for Arthur when he comes home to us.
And just look at him now!
I would have wished the same for our little Peter Pan...