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Mimmi Mirakel
black tortie/white

Because of an inflamation of the uterus, Mimmi Mirakel is the only one of two kittens who survived. So i don't need to explain how she got to her name... She was born with a c-section. First we thought she was dead, too! But then suddenly she started to breathe!!! And she's a very smart and healthy little girl! Her little brother (a black and white male who looked like his father) did not survive, because his placenta was not working wel because of the inflamation...
Poor little Baby-Bubbas it's sooo sad!
Pippi was neutered during the c-section, so this is definatly her last litter. We wanted to neuter her anyway- that's why we kept her doughter Tossa, but Bubbas was faster than we ;o)