born 25-07-04
Parents: Tinkerbell & Bubbas
He lives as a pet in Italy

When i finally update his page - he is already 9 years old and still going strong

A big thanks for the pictures! He looks just great and i just looooooooooove his family pictures!

7,5 years.... WOW!!!!

This clould be Bubbas (Pockets daddy) wiyth his sons...
I just LOOOVE to see this!!!!

6 years


2 years and 10 months

He became a very proud daddy!!!!!
Let me introduce to you: Miles ;o)

2 years and 5 months


2 years


1 year and 9 months - 7,3 kg!

With his new girlfriend Becky - isn't she beautifull????

What a wildlook!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha he's still as sweet as he was as a kitten!!!

12 months - his birthdayparty

7 months weight 4,8kg

His wonderfull treehouse, built by grandpa ;o)

6 months

5 months


20 weeks with his new friends

12 weeks