Pomona Sprout
born 18-10-07
Parents: Bumsan & Arthur Weasley

weight: 1658gr
first days in her new home

having lots of fun!

getting tired ;o)

with her new friend Domino

cuddle ;o)

with her new friends Domino & Coya & Karl


and again cuddle...

with her new friend Karl

with her new friend Neville Longbottom fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
he´s watching her closely ;o)

a happy baby ;o)


With Domino

Very cosy with Karl :o)))

Here you can see how much she looks like her grandma Prima!
It´s just like twins!!!

Soooo sweet!!!!

With Neville Longbottom

Her tail is very long, just like her fathers!

19 weeks
weight: 2430gr

Dinner with Coya ;o)

Cosy with Domino... sooo sweet

Hunting with Neville ;o))))))))

With Karl & Neville :o)))

21 weeks
weight: 2650gr

with her new friend Andrassy

6 months
weight: 3010gr
pictures 7 months

with her friends Andrassy, Domino & Coya

with her friends Andrassy & Domino

Looks like Andrassy is her very best friend :o)

I think that´s Karl standing over her ;o)

And again with Andrassy

Hahaha siesta ;o)))

With Andrassy, Domino & Coya

They are so sweet together!

1 year old
with judge Judith Zuurveld

1, 5 years

1 year & 11 months

Here she looks a lot like her grandma Prima and she has gotton nice tufts on her ears

She lives now at cattery 9 levens

Her Babyphotos