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Sølv Rubin
born 07-07-06
Parents: Prima & Memphis

17 weeks


18 weeks

19 weeks
"Give us a kiss"

"Come here with your face!"

Oh! That tikkles! ;o)

She´s got that from her mom:

This is Prima when she was a little baby ;o)

Just beeing beautiful...

21 weeks

Playing with Belfagor - isn´t that sweet? ;o)

And still... kissing, kissing, kissing ;o))))))))))

Oh how i love these pictures!!!
They speak for themselve - look how happy she is!!!
And that makes me just as happy, of course ;o)
Thank you sooo much for these pictures!!!!!!!

6 months

"Queen-Rubin" ;o)


This typical look in the eyes, comes from her mom ;o)


Just turned 8 months
weight: 4350gr


10 months

14 months still Prima´s eyes...

1 year & 8 months

She lives now at cattery Aretusa

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