Export Sweden

Safir Nobless
born 07-07-06
Parents: Prima & Memphis
She lives with my very good friend Anette cattery S*Istindra's

11 weeks

12 weeks

Because of the export rules to Sweden, we brought her to her new home at the age of 12 weeks,
so she wouldn´t need to stay here until she is 7 months.
It´s much easier for a kitten to fit into a new home, than for a half-grown cat.
And our Tyttebær gave her a very warm welcome, which made it much easier for me to leave her so far away.
And of course i know that she is in very good hands!

The two Smykkeskrin´s are already good friends!

Klick here to see some pictures i took the eavening we arrived in Sweden

15 weeks
weight 1913gr

Gullefjun is her very good friend ;o)

19 weeks

Look at her tongue ;o)

She got that from her mom...

...this is Prima, when she was a baby ;o)

9 months
taking care of the kittens ;o)

She´s bringing back toys, when you throuw them away ;o)))))

She´s a tornado - just like her gandpa Bubbas!
Here you can see her behind hahaha together with her friend Bamse

But she´s also helping her grandma raising the kittens!!!!

Taking good care of her grandma´s childrren ;o)


Almost 1 year




1 year & 2 months

1 year & 3 months


2 years & 4 months

7 years old <3


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