black silver tortie tabby ticked white (fs 09 25)


Born 08-12-2018


Total inbreeding just 2,54%
Polaris just 7,26%! Very low and rare!

Sven Olov fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

Ragnaroks Signy (Alias Lilly)

19 weeks

15 weeks

12 weeks

11 weeks

10 weeks

9 weeks


8 weeks
As her brother died from pneumonia, the vet and i decided to give the siblings antibiototics on a preventive base.
Unfortnunately the amoxycyline caused a loss of hair in Trippel and Solfrid.
They both will look stunning in the end, but now they look more like wet babies ;)

7 weeks
She is such a lovely and funny clown! :)

6 weeks


5 weeks

4 weeks

3 weeks

2 weeks

1 week

First pictures