Tante Moortje & Snorretje
(Alias: Nadia & Yoeri)
born 25-10-04
Parents: Domino & Bubbas

Snorretje & Tante Moortje 14 weeks

Tante Moortje & Snorretje

Tante Moortje 7 months

Snorretje 7 months

With their friends

One of the two grown females has taken over the motherly part for Snorretje & Tante Moortje,
since the day they came to live with them and they are still nursing!

Almost 1 year old
Tante Moortje



Tante Moortje & Snorretje

Snorretje (still nursing with his friend Nikita ;o) & Tante Moortje

1 year and 2 months old
Tante Moortje & Snorretje with their friend Nikita

Snorretje & Tante Moortje with their friend Nikita

2 years old
Tante Moortje

Tante Moortje with her friend Romy

Snorretje with his girlfriend Marja... They are going to be parents!!!!!

Tante Moortje almost 3 years

Snorretje almost 3 years with his new girlfriend Alicia

Thanks a lot for the pictures! They look just great!!!!

Their Babypictures