born 07-07-06
Parents: Prima & Memphis

almost 14 weeks
weight 2250gr

With his new friend Hägar fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

Cought in the act ;o)

14 weeks
weight 2330gr

With his new friend Lady...

15 weeks
weight 2500gr

With his friend Azrael in the big dog basket ;o)

16 weeks
Again with his friend Azrael

And with his friend Hägar fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

6 months
Now that´s a real Smykkeskrin! ;o))))))))

With his friends

Almost 7 months
That´s a letter from the taxes... he doesn´t like it ;o)))))))

7 months
Saying goodbye to his friend Lady, who is going to heaven that day ;,-(((((((
This is such a touching picture...
Lady had a very good and long life.
Thank you for welcoming our Hägar and Tiwaz so nicely
Sweet rest somewhere over the rainbow, dear Lady

8 months
weight 4,9kg
This picture is taken on the catshow, where he won Best in Show and even Best of Best!!!
We are soo very proud!!!

9 months

In the new climbing tree...

Relaxe ;o)

Together with Hägar

Here he looks like his mom


Very proud fellow!

with Hägar

1 year with his new friend Aymara

1 year & 3 months with Hägar

1 year & 4 months with his new friend Scotty

1 year & 5 months on a cat show

1 year & 6 months with his friend Aymara
weight: 6kg

Hahahaha champion "100 meter stupid looking" ;o)))))

1 year & 7 months


with his friend Madame Hooch fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

2 years & 3 months
with his friend Loika

2 years & 7 months
with his friend Sygin fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

2 years & 9 months

A big thanks for all the pictures!!!

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