The proud parents:  Arthur & Domino
father & mother

This Litter is GSD4 free!

black tabby mc/white (n 09 23)
black-silver tabby mc/white (ns 09 23)

Explanation to status:
For Sale: The kitten is searching for a good home
Option: Some interest is shown, but nothing is final!
Booked: The booking deposite is payed and the contract is signd
Sold: The cat is fully payed


The story behind the names:
Our little doughter Jenny-Lee could say the name Tossa already very nicely
and she wanted to find out all the other cats names. So she petted Memphis and i told her "This is Memphis".
"Messis" she answered ;o) Than i showed her Domino and told her: "This is Domino".
She looked at me like "Now that is enough! Nobody can remember all your stupid names!!!"
And she simply said: "Tossis!" Eversince all our cats simply where called "Tossis".
She just mixed the names "Tossa" and "Memphis" and it became "Tossis" ;o)
Only Memphis stayed "Messis" ;o)
So naturally we find a mix between Tossa and Memphis just has to be called Tossis & Messis ;o)
Jenny-Lee just loves this, of course!
Note: In the meentime Jenny-Lee knows all our cats real names, of course:
Prima = Mima
Domino = Mino
Feline = Line
Silas = Lisa ;o)
Smykke = Bubbas + Mykke
Bumsan = Bumsibums
Dooley = Dooley Bärchen (very clearly!)
Pippi = Pippi
Xaphiera = Fiera
Arthur Weasley = i don´t know how to spell this hahaha but you know who she´s talkin to ;o)
Moses = Moses
Vicky = Vicky
Loona = Loona

And she really knows who is who!