Litt Lykke Stina
born 19-04-12

Proud Parents:

Ragnaroks Juliana
(n 09)

Ch.Amicus Mildone
(n 09 22)

Tronja had a secret rendevous with Amicus in the week before her teeth surgery...
Due to complications she even needed heavy medication a few weeks after surgery...
I already knew she might be pregnant, but the vet didn't feel anything
so we just guessed for "maybe" one kitten that would now be dying from the medication..
And here she is - our little STRONG surprise!
This is Tronja's last litter.

Litt Lycke Stina
(a 02 22) blue tabby/white

Explanation to status:
Free: The kitten is searching for a good home
Option: Some interest is shown, but nothing is final
Booked: The booking deposite is payed and the contract is signd
Sold: The cat is fully payed

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2 weeks
3 weeks
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12 weeks

The complete inbreeding = 2,38% Polaris: 10,8%
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