born 05-12-03
Parents: Candy & Silas
She lives in Sweden
with my very good friend Anette cattery S*Istindra's

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months


9 months
With 7 week old Pockets

With 11 week old Lille Gubben

11 months

2 years and 10 months
We went to Sweden to bring her another Smykkeskrin as company ;o)
So i was able to see her again - she is doing great!
Of course i took some pictures:

Great ear setting, nice tufts, triangle and that expression....

Also a very good profile, with the original rouned forehead!
The famous judge Raymond Saitre was overwelmed by her profile, boning, looks and coat structure!
We are very proud of her!

And here you see how warm she welcomed our little Safir Nobless... this needs no words...

That Safir was welcomed so warm made it a bit easier for me to leave her.
I know that she is in very, very good hands - though so far away...

3 years and 5 months

Hahaha still her majesty ;o)))))

3 years & 9 months
She just looks wonderful....

Almost 5 years


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