Export Czech Republic

born 07-07-06
Parents: Prima & Memphis

7 weeks

10 weeks

17 weeks
When i brought him to his new home.
Here with his new owner Marcela:

And here we are in the Czech forest with Marcela´s mom and her sister Lenka:

Goal of this trip was this wonderful little church on top of the mountain.

In live this view was much more beautiful!

It was good that we made this trip, because grandma was feeding us with the most delicous stuff you can imagine!
So i could get lose of some of the calories ;o)
I want to thank Grandma, Mom, Lenka and Marcela for the very, very warm hospitality!!!
It was sooo nice visiting you!!!
And i know that Yukon will have heaven on earth in your family!!!!

21 weeks

22 weeks

5 months

A big thanks for the nice pictures!!!
He looks just great!!!
Grandma´s good kitchen? Hahahaha

6 months

Is he still putting his nose everywhere??? Hahaha Grow up boy! ;o)
And still those wonderful ears...

8 months

Oh how i love the look in his eyes!
he often looked at me that way and i still miss him very much...
As much nonsens he has on his mind - as much love he has to give...

10 months

1 year

1 year & 5 months
We went to visit him!
Thanks a lot to Marcela and her family for the warm hospitallity!!!
Look how cute he cuddles with Jenny-Lee!

He is very happy and still the same cuddle-bear ;o)

He is very nice in type! Perfectly straight nose, nice head shape, eys and ears!
Heavy boning and muscles and a nice, clear silver!
And he has a wonderful expression!
He only misses the coat - maybe if he could get outside he would have more coat.
But then, he is still very young...

Somewhere summer 2008

2 years & 7 months
with his friend Rami

He lives at cattery

His Babyphotos